Diana Hunter, IAR

Why is money important to you?

For most people money is important because of what you can do with it and how you can provide for yourself and loved ones and possibly help others. Each person and family is unique in their relationship with money and each other.

It’s never been more true that your life affects your finances and your finances affect your life.

We live in unprecedented times and are all grieving the loss of normalcy and the world we have known. We have been pushed into the role of 21st century pioneers without a choice.

After the loss of my husband of nearly 37 years to cancer in 2017, I deeply understand what it means to have change forced on me.

Money can be confusing for many people, so you might rely on magazines or websites to guide your investment philosophy. This often results in having unwanted change forced upon you as well.

Having weathered some ups and downs in the markets during my life, I want to protect my clients from manipulation and poor information that is out there. As an Investment Advisor Representative, I am held to the fiduciary standard. This means that I am obligated to help you make the best possible choices we can make for your unique life and situation.

To begin with, it’s important to know why money is important to you. I can help you get clear on what matters in your life, so that the direction you and I set together is in line with your true purpose.

I love hearing people’s stories and so here’s mine:

I grew up in Pocatello, Idaho and love the west. I have extensive business experience ranging from banking to business consulting and higher education. I love what I do now–it combines the best of my previous experiences. Living in Utah as a born-again Christian, I bring diversity nearly everywhere I go!

I enjoy working out with weights, reading cozy mysteries, and my family. I was married to Jerry Lallatin for nearly 37 years and now widowed for 4 years, mother of one grown and married son, step-mother to five, Nana to 20, and Great-nana to 15.

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