Belpointe Wealth Management’s Advisors are provided the flexibility to design an investment strategy and/or plan that is tailored to each client’s needs.  In  leading clients  to a greater sense of comfort and control, Advisors are free to take  into account every client concern: material and financial.

The needs of a client can range from investment advice to more comprehensive planning.  When doing a comprehensive plan, our advisors typically follow three main principals:

1) Developing a proper “business plan for life” –  By taking into account every concern (material and financial) in your client’s life, and treating everything altogether as a business, you can create a “business plan for life” for each client.  A good comprehensive financial plan should be based on cash flow and tax impact, and individuals should view all estate related concerns (assets and financials – everything you own) as a business entity.

2) Properly integrate tax strategies, estate planning concepts, investment management, and all cash flow concerns.  Each quadrant is a major component of comprehensive planning, and each requires competent analysis followed by the building of individual strategies. Poor judgment or bad decisions in any of these areas can add up to lost dollars and lost earning power. Income can be maintained or enhanced, and taxes avoided, minimized, or deferred through:

  • Proper product coordination
  • Estate control
  • Sound asset management
  • Advanced tax planning

3) Coordinate all of the planning elements. –  Decisions in one area can dramatically affect results in another. Only though plan coordination and conducting impact analysis of decisions will your clients be able to always see the big picture. It should include preparing for life’s “consistent inconsistencies” by incorporating as many “what if…” scenarios as practical, while coordinating them appropriately – a business plan for life.