Given the complexities of today’s world, many people are in need of more guidance than ever before. Over the past two decades, substantial leaps in technology have accelerated the speed at which life and business moves and changes, ultimately increasing the weight that falls on clients’ shoulders. At Belpointe, we help guide clients through these changes. In addition to handling our clients’ financial needs, we expand the traditional scope of guidance to include assisting clients with issues regarding health, lifestyle, education, family, and more, as needed.

Financial Planning

Many advisors within the wealth management industry adhere to an age-old approach to planning. They may ask some questions, develop a financial plan (often supported by products), and create the expectation that you need to “stick to the plan.” Belpointe doesn’t view financial planning as a document, a product, or a plug-and-play system. Rather, we view financial planning as a living process, customized to each client and subject to ongoing discussion centered around how to respond to and prepare for the changes that life inevitably brings. We focus on what-if scenarios, with the aim to provide you with better decision-making abilities and the confidence that you can respond to challenges in real time.

Developing a “Business Plan for Life”

We emphasize creating a “business plan for life” for each client. This involves viewing your estate (everything you own) as a business with coordinated departments, taking into account every concern–material and financial.


We seek to properly coordinate all major categories of planning: Investment Management, Tax Planning, Estate Preservation, and Cash Flow Management, Risk Management, and Retirement Planning. Each quadrant is a key component of comprehensive planning; decisions in one area can dramatically affect results in another. All quadrants must be coordinated properly in order to protect you as a client.

Important: Each Investment Advisor Representative uses discretion on what investment advice and planning is needed for each client, and how that planning is to be implemented. Each client receives a customized experience.