Eric Cooper

15 Constitution Drive
Suite 151
Bedford, NH 03110

Eric is a thought leader in the evolving world of financial planning.

With over a decade of experience in financial services, Eric has held roles in banking, insurance, wealth management, strategic business planning, enterprise value growth planning, exit & transition planning for entrepreneurs, and fee based financial planning. Eric has been privileged to work with a diverse landscape of clients, including professional athletes, individual brands, owner/founder business owners and more.

Eric doesn’t believe that planning is merely a future projection. True planning requires a skilled orchestration of the moving parts that comprise your bigger picture- which is no small task- while remaining flexible to account for positive and negative change along the way. Eric’s thoughtful approach seeks to understand how all your financial and non-financial motivations interact with each other within the decision frames of your financial life. Overtime, this facilitates both big picture alignment and the hierarchical strategic action necessary for you to reach your optimal financial potential. Financial planning isn’t simple per se, but it shouldn’t be difficult – it should bring peace of mind and a confidence that your plan is agile, bona fide, and personally meaningful.

Eric often asks clients, “when was the last time all of your advisors sat down to discuss your goals and how they coordinate their advice to help you achieve them?” Invariably, the answer is “never”. Eric often quarterbacks a “council of advisors” experience for his clients, which syncs the client’s expert team of advisors such as CPAs, attorneys, insurance agents, consultants, private bankers, and others into the overarching ongoing planning process. This shortens the path to great results, improves the quality of advice, streamlines efforts, and eliminates redundancy. Clients appreciate Eric’s skill in bringing out the highest and best use out of their team.

Eric is distinguished as a Certified Exit Planning Advisor and a member of the Legacy Advisor Network. How you run your business in inextricably linked with how you exit your business; growing, managing, and ultimately extracting the financial value out of a business is likely the most impactful financial cycle in the life of a business owner (not to mention incredibly personal to an owner/founder). When done properly, working with a CEPA like Eric puts the owner’s future back on their own timelines and terms.

Eric is a passionate hunter and angler, always traveling in pursuit of wild places. He is also an avid sports fan, chicken farmer, and culinarian. He lives in Londonderry, New Hampshire with his wife and 4 children.